Friday, September 25, 2015

hello there, friend,

your image from yesterday was so beautiful. the simplicity of the shelving and the beauty of your images in frames stirred something inside me. i realized i haven't printed a single image that i've taken with my dslr. when it comes to printing images and framing them, i'm overwhelmed with the volume of images and then the decisions about printing... but, i can see that it would bring me great joy to have some favorites printed and put around the house.

this week has been heavy for me... i've tried to look out for myself, pausing throughout the day to notice, to scribble down what i hear, what i'm grateful stay in the moment. but by the end of the week the balance of life-giving versus life-draining has tipped too far to one side.

it's raining currently and the weekend forecast calls for more rain... i'm partway through a thorough cleaning of the first floor, laundry is started, and there will be clean sheets on the bed tonight. i'm looking forward to sleeping deeply and past 5:30 am, to reading and drinking coffee, to sewing a bit, and doing some planning, too...