Monday, September 21, 2015

hello there, friend,

your words on friday were so timely... i remember watching that same joy prouty keynote, squirreled away in our study. i remember how nervous she was as she began and how her energy and enthusiasm captured everyone's attention. i was brought to tears more than once.

photography, for me, has been the way to slow down and really notice the life that's right around me. when i first became captured by photography, it was for the simple way in which i could see the beauty in the light falling across the floor or wall, in the coffee i drank every day, the homemade bread i was making, or the way we gathered at the table with popcorn and art supplies, it was meditation for me... this noticing.

sometimes that's what i forget... that the act of noticing isn't about the final product of the perfect image (although that is an added bonus!). noticing brings me back into the moment, allows me to live in it fully, heightening my senses.

i have added list making back into my days because i find when i made lists of the things i'm noticing, i'm more likely to shift from mindlessness into mindfulness. i carry a small notebook around scribbling things down when they come to me.

friday afternoon i set up a hammock in the back yard and surrounded myself with a good book, a few chocolates, and my camera... i was under both a tulip poplar and some pine trees. there were shafts of light coming down through them, there was a crystalline blue sky above, the leaves rustled from time to time, i could hear birds, conversations from across the street... i read and from time to time looked up, delighting in the experience of being still and noticing...