Thursday, October 1, 2015

hello there, friend,

fall is just starting to find it's way here in virginia. we've had so much rain the last five days that school was cancelled yesterday due to localized flooding. more rain is expected this weekend, but for now things are humid and still. we made our way to the pond yesterday and noticed the yellows beginning to make themselves seen through the woods. the tulip poplars and hickories are turning and most of the virginia creeper vines are bright red.

we sat on the boardwalk that meanders through the smaller pond and watched mallards, canada geese, a pied-pilled grebe, and later a green heron preen and eat. it's so amazing to me what we can see when we are still and quiet. 

this week and last i have been making lists... mindful noticing has been so helpful for me... a touchstone of it's own as i navigate my way through the expected and unexpected events of the day. what am i grateful for right now, what do i hear right now, how do i feel right now... these and others are making me keenly aware of the moment. somehow when i write, i am made more aware. when i write i'm sometimes surprised, but mostly grateful.