Friday, October 9, 2015

hello there, friend,

i graduated with my degree in liberal arts with my certification to teach, and did my fair share of writing... i got by, i was good at editing and revising. just enough to make do. when i entered graduate school for my masters degree in reading, i did much more writing, and much of it was reflective of my teaching or academic in nature. only in recent years have i been writing online to try and express something more... personal narrative, my own truth.

what i have noticed is that often when i write, my thinking unravels on the page... in stark black and white the words are telling me something i was just beginning to figure out. like the pensieve in the harry potter movies, my swirling thoughts are teased apart and seem to make more sense when articulated on the page. as if when i write, the truth comes out.

most often this happens in the letters and emails i send that are personal in nature, but it happens in this space, as well... that my truth is spoken here in a way that i hope resonates with you and with others.