Thursday, October 29, 2015

hello there, friend,

isn't that the way it goes... that when you decide to step back and look for inspiration around you that you often find it? i noticed the same thing for me a month or so ago... that when i went back to doing what satisfied me personally, without thought given to publishing in any way, that i found my groove again.

this week finds me in a serious slump... no meal planning, too many appointments, too little organization. craving sleep and solitude, taking out the camera because i feel like i have to. wishing for a clean slate in many areas of my life.

like you, i know that this creative energy ebbs and flows. it doesn't get me down the way it used to. i'm better able to listen to my gut, to my intuition, to the voice saying it's ok to take each day as it comes. that learning to pay attention to what i need and want is a lifelong lesson.