Monday, October 5, 2015

hello there, friend,

last week was a strange one for us, having had rain almost every day and two days off from school. so many things were cancelled, that we were able to leave early for our annual apple cider making weekend at my husband's family farm. at the beginning of the week, i thought i wouldn't be going, but as it turns out we were able to be together and i was so grateful. i think my husband and i have made apple cider at the farm for at least twenty-three years...!!

we make cider from the many apples on the farm, sometimes supplementing with apples bought from roadside stands. each year different apple varieties tend to flourish, from the older varieties that have been on the farm for over a hundred years, to the newer varieties planted in the last ten. we use the cider press that has been used for ages, we taste each batch, marveling in the spectacular taste of pressed apple chunks.

some years this weekend in october is indian summer-like with blue skies and warm temperatures, and some years it's sideways rain and 40-something degrees. always there are aunts, uncles, cousins, and apple dumplings. this year we ended up making a fire in the pavilion to stay warm, popped kettle corn, and drank cider out of red solo cups. it's a whirlwind weekend of the best kind.