Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Mid-week things got kind of rough for me. I knew it was bad when I sat at my computer pulling up old Counting Crows songs on Spotify with a box of tissues next to me. Sometimes when my emotions are boiling over, I listen to the saddest, most emotional song I can find and let it work its magic on me. This time it was "Round Here" -- not the album version, the live one. I must have listened to it ten times before I finally got up, wiped all the makeup off my face, and went out for a walk.

I've been feeling lately like adulthood is turning out to be much harder than I expected. Sure, there's a lot of joy, but there's also a world of pain, it seems, and endless situations that require decision making and careful navigation. Why didn't I know this? I don't feel prepared.

So I took my camera to the woods and looked around. The leaves are barely starting to change and many of them of are so dried out, they skipped the color and went straight to brown. As I walked, the sun popped in and out of the clouds and I allowed myself to be distracted for a bit. All that fresh air and solitude certainly helped. So does knowing that fall is here and the colors will change soon and some things can be relied on year after year.