Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Over the weekend, I celebrated my the end of my thirty-fourth year and humbly began my thirty-fifth. And I did it in the most unobtrusive way possible -- by having a party that was distinctly not a birthday party. We had no birthday cake, no one sang to me, and I went through the evening joyfully and without fanfare. We sat by the fire and laughed and stayed up very late. It was just what I wanted.

And so I begin this week the same but different, wondering what's in store for this next trip around the sun. When I turned thirty, I was so excited to be in my thirties, to embrace who I am and finally get comfortable with myself. And then thirty was a crazy, hard year and the following years have been nearly as tumultuous. But each year I am reaching deeper into who I am. I am embracing it all, learning when to push myself and when to let go. And I'm just so grateful.