Wednesday, October 21, 2015

hello there, friend,

the weekend reminded me of what i know to be true. we need connection... we are hard-wired for it. even introverts like me, like you, who crave time alone, solitude, and quiet, still need moments of connection on a soul level. we need to be seen and heard and loved unconditionally. in our hustle we often neglect ourselves and our need for this connection. our lives are busy and fractured, which sometimes makes us crave distance, when we might need connection.

when i think of connections i've made in the virtual world, i'm almost astounded that i've been able to meet so many of them in real life. watching them move in three dimensions is so fantastic and mind boggling. to have this connection and to think about how we can support and encourage each other as best we can is such a gift. meeting in real life makes that all the richer.

i am so grateful for our connection here, in this space and in our texts and emails. i am so grateful for you, for your desire to know yourself, to mother with intention, to meet the needs of your family, to live out your dreams and passions, with a joyful and grateful heart. i know we will meet one day... and i can't wait!