Friday, October 23, 2015

hello there, friend,

what you say is so true... i struggle with the many ideas and stories and people out there. my personality type craves and gets energized by big ideas and by story, and i can easily get carried away by a new-to-me blog, photostream, or instagram feed. i also like to be at every party... there is this silly desire i have to be part of everything. my need for connection and interest in so many things makes me think i have to do/read/comment on it all.

sometimes when i recognize this feeling, i know it's time to step away. it's time to sit with myself or with those inside my four walls. it's time to check in with my emotional self, to think again about what brings me joy, what inspires me, what fills me up and to be careful about the amount of time i spend online.

you are not the only one feeling this pull. there is something about the change of seasons that makes us turn inward, i think.

hoping this weekend gives you space to breathe and check in with yourself and with those you love.