Thursday, October 15, 2015

hello there, friend,

when i think of standing in the arena, i know i do it full of fear... but full of courage, too, or i wouldn't be there. when i see my own children standing in their arenas, i know i want the same for them. i want them to push beyond their fears... to know that you can feel fear and courage at the same time and that the experience of the arena can change and shape them for good.

when i read your words yesterday, my pulse quickened and i breathed in long and deep... how true that change can bring a sense of loss... that you sometimes wish you could go back and know you can't. and truer still that you probably wouldn't even if you could. like you, i had to reread the lines you quoted and let them sink in.

for me, recognizing loss has allowed me to grieve. it's easy to think that small losses don't require this, that somehow it isn't necessary. but, whether it's the loss of something tangible - a relationship, a job, your old home, or intangible - the loss of a dream, a belief system, an idea, an expectation... letting go sometimes requires grieving.