Friday, November 6, 2015

hello there, friend,

being able to embrace a slow morning, even with a sick kiddo is truly a gift. while we certainly wouldn't wish for our kids to be sick, there is something special about extra cuddles and stories, and no agenda... patiently waiting to see how the day unfolds.

lately our weekends have been almost as full as our weekdays. soccer games, kids getting together with various groups of friends, halloween, preparing for sunday and then church... sometimes the weekend is nothing to look forward to.

it's tricky... i don't want to waste my days 'waiting' for the weekend, but i want my weekend to fill me up, to allow me to live during the week with love and grace, kindness and laughter. i need sleep and exercise, connection and conversation and something that stimulates my imagination and creativity. fingers crossed... this weekend looks like it may fit the bill.