Friday, November 20, 2015

hello there, friend,

i agree with you. understanding my personality helps me to understand that i need solitude to recharge, that i understand things through my intuition, that i'm more likely to see the big picture rather than the little details, that i'm driven by wanting to understand people, that i avoid conflict, that i am motivated by external forces and not as motivated by internal ones. instead of beating myself up for my weaknesses, i can see myself as a unique individual with innate strengths.

hearing your story... the one you tell now about your earlier years reminds me how important it is to accept those around us, just the way they are. that being seen and heard and loved for who we are, for the way we are wired, the way were created, is what we each deserve.

in some ways, you have been given a unique opportunity... to understand this importance on a deeply personal level allows for an even greater level of compassion... for yourself and those around you. loving ourselves for who we are, allows us to extend that same grace to others.


p.s. we'll be taking next week off to focus on family and travel. we'll be back the first week of december!