Friday, November 13, 2015

Hello there, friend,

I remember when I read your email, the one suggesting we find a way to collaborate and somehow fill the space left by habit. It was New Year's Eve and you had originally written to ask me what made me want to do a 365 project this year (that has since been abandoned, I hate to say). Somehow, as we bounced emails back and forth all day, you threw it out there: What if we do something?! My heart leapt and I thought, Yes!

We had no clue what this project would become. In many ways, I think we still don't. But, if it is nothing else, it is a place where we can slow down and pay attention, to our lives, to ourselves, to this world whirling around us. It is a place to find quiet in the midst of chaos, the still small voice in all the clamoring.

That we are all the same is both comforting and frightening. We are all uniquely our own, each different and wonderfully made, and yet we want the same things: love, respect, passion, and most of all to be seen. I, too, hope that as we write these daily letters and send them out into the world that they resonate and speak to the human condition and connect us. Because we are all in this together. We better hang on tight!