Monday, November 2, 2015

hello there, friend,

i'm writing to you on the first day of november, after another whirwind weekend... it seems i'm always trying to reconcile the busy with enough margin to make me feel like i can breathe. when most of the weekend's obligations were met, i felt enormous relief... only late in the afternoon did i manage to practice some self-care in the form of a long long walk, a clean kitchen and candles lit at the table. and this evening when i was writing a gratitude list, i found the list to be much longer than i expected.

november. each year i find myself using the month to turn inward... in the last few years it's common to see lots of social media posts about gratitude and the intention to be grateful for the entire month of november. i always jump in and find myself renewed by the mindful noticing that can happen when we put pen to paper or even text to our phones... there is something about the act of writing down our gratitudes that elevates them and the writing propels us to keep thinking, to keep noticing.


p.s. because it's gratitude month, we plan to feature gratitudes from you throughout the month. please join us using the hashtag, #htfgratitude.