Wednesday, November 4, 2015

hello there, friend,

the light is changing each day... this is the season where i look for it inside and outside, too... notice how the shadows play at different times of the day, how the back porch looks bathed in morning light, how the light falls into the dining room before dinner, not after... how the most wonderful place to between two and three in the afternoon is my son's bedroom, where his bed is bathed in sunshine and warmth.

this week we are lucky enough to enjoy warm temperatures... i am challenging myself to get outside every day in them. it is such a gift to feel the warm sun, to smell the composting leaves, to fill my nose and lungs with fresh air. the bigger challenge is getting my children to understand the importance of this gift... sometimes i find myself asking, "who wants to come with me...?" when i should say what i said when they were younger, which was, "get your shoes on and get in the car!".

i wouldn't trade these days for those, but i do find myself questioning my parenting tactics. when i think about what i desire for them, it's hard to reconcile my wishes with their own desires... and at this stage, which one of us really knows best??