Tuesday, November 10, 2015

hello there, friend,

the older i get, the more i recognize my need for both solitude and quiet and for rich and deep connection. when i was younger i would have described myself as sometimes an extrovert and sometimes an introvert. i remember being shy and reserved, spending a lot of time in my room alone, reading and daydreaming. by eleventh grade i was part of threesome that spent most of our waking hours together. individually, we were probably introverts, who together could become the extroverts we saw around us. we went to college together and as we found ourselves went our own way. but, it was in college that i started to understand more about deeper and richer connection and friendship and how restorative that could be.

now that my days are spent wrangling the emotional energy that is the life of three teenagers under one roof, i find clarity and restoration in solitude. whether it's the few minutes i have alone after they all get on the bus, or the moments before they get home, the in-between times when i might be in the car alone, or the moment when i sink into bed with a book, the house dark and quiet... i find these are the moments that allow me to walk through the day's hustle with more intention. when i've paid attention to myself and my thoughts, i'm better able to pay attention to the needs and desires of my children.