Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hello there, friend,

This marks the 200th letter we've written to each other in this space -- 100 for you, 100 for me. In some ways that is utterly unbelievable; in others, it seems we've just gotten started. I wonder what effect this is having on us, how this daily correspondence is shaping each of us and how it has deepened our friendship. We look around, pay attention, try to see things as they are. We forge connections, looking deeper than surface level. It's something I think we are both inclined to do, but this space has planted those thoughts and given them room to grow. I like that.

This morning, in the early dark, I wrap my cold hands around my coffee cup, lift it to my lips. It's so quiet that I hear the heat kick on as I take a sip. And I utter my prayer: Good morning and thank you. Thank you that I am warm and safe in my home. Thank you that the people I love are sleeping nearby. Thank you that I have friends to call. Thank you that I can look out at the day and see the possibilities, that I can sometimes go for it and sometimes hang back, that I can grapple with big ideas and have hard conversations. Thanks be to God this morning. Amen.