Wednesday, November 18, 2015

hello there, friend,

when i say that my husband (a psychologist, mind you) worries about personality tests of any kind, i think he is getting at a bit of what you say about being boxed in. his view is that it's so easy to hold on to something we believe to be true, that we don't allow for growth and change. as we long to define ourselves, we long for boxes, in a way, for rules or parameters that explain why it is we do what we do... only to find that definitions don't always hold true, or that we don't want to be defined.

the push and pull between wanting to learn more about yourself and wanting to grow and change in an interesting one. in some ways we are always changing... our thoughts, our ideas, our beliefs are ever-evolving. then there is our nature, which might not change as much, but which can't define all there is to us.

it's a matter of sorting out. what is useful for becoming a better person, and what is no longer helpful? what strengths do we carry and what weaknesses might we improve upon or negotiate around? the more we notice these things, pay attention to them, and sit with them, the more we are able to evaluate and adjust. works in progress... always.