Monday, December 7, 2015

hello there, friend,

i just returned from a weekend away with college friends. we make an attempt to gather several times a year, once with our families and at least twice without. amazingly when we decided on this past weekend our calendars were free... of course, they soon filled up, each of us with our own kids and families, all working at least more than part-time, but we forged ahead.

i'm so glad we did. to have carved out time together together in this busiest of seasons reminded me of the importance of connection, the importance of things higher than the to-do lists and errands. the importance of encouraging each other, of building each other up, of having a sacred place to share what we might not with those who don't know us as well.

i went into the weekend feeling heavy, in my heart and mind and i came home feeling lighter, hopeful, encouraged and refreshed. reminded again that i am not alone.