Tuesday, December 1, 2015

hello there, friend,

i sat down sunday at our dining room table surrounded by piles of paper, each with dates for particular activities and the december calendar. once i was finished adding events for the first three weeks of december, the calendar was covered... there wasn't a blank square left. i almost teared up, but then rolled my eyes, sighed, and tried to help my oldest negotiate what was most important on the dates she was to be in more than one place at a time.

today, unexpectedly, one event was cancelled and a meeting ended early and all of a sudden i was left with more margin than i expected. i was delighted to find myself at home with my kids after school, with time to make dinner (although we stood around to eat it!) and then later to savor a cup of hot tea, to smell the clove studded orange my son was making, and to listen to the charlie brown christmas album.

i have found on the busiest of days, sometimes it's the attitude of my heart that matters most. i can't wipe away the events on the calendar, but i can choose how i walk through my day... i can plan ahead a bit, choose to leave on time or even arrive early to wherever it is i have to go, cherish the five minutes waiting in the car, or the ten minutes drinking my coffee with a book and those small things feel like a luxury. sometimes when i feel busy like this, i'm surprised at how good it can feel to find wiggle room and pay attention to it.