Tuesday, December 15, 2015

hello there, friend,

i write most mornings to you from a quiet house, the kids already gone. there is a window of time between their leaving and mine. this sacred time fills me up each day. alone in my thoughts or in writing, sipping coffee, wondering what the day will hold. sometimes i watch while the sky changes from dark and moody to fiery red and orange, moments later the sun rises through pine trees, while cars drive by our side street, the world waking up.

this morning my son sleeps in, having been diagnosed with strep throat. i spent the better part of last night coughing, wishing i was asleep instead of wondering whether i was. but, a new day dawns regardless and i return again to gratitude... the sun is shining through the window onto my back as i type, there is the promise of a hot shower and a hot breakfast, and as always, there is the opportunity to walk through the day in loving kindness with those around me.