Wednesday, December 9, 2015

hello there, friend,

it seems this time of year, in addition to the busy, my thoughts turn naturally toward consideration of the past year and the idea of a new year and all the possibility that holds. i have had a word guide me since i started my first 365, almost four years ago.

this year my word was connection because what fills me up and sustains me are the moments of connection throughout the days, weeks, and months. it did not wear me out, in some ways it might not have even challenged me as your word did  you... but it was a reminder of what's important at the end of the proverbial day... every single day. people are what matter. i have written more letters and emails, made more phone calls and taken more trips this year for this reason and it has been so fulfilling.

looking ahead, it's clear to me that i need to focus on one thing at a time. for the last few months i've been so scatterbrained, thinking that multitasking was making me more efficient. but, i have come to understand that one task at a time is all i was meant to handle. that maybe some of the 'mental clutter' would be cleared away by just doing dishes when i'm doing dishes, keeping one tab open at a time on the computer, finishing one task before starting another, putting down my phone, so that i'm fully present and less distracted. so my word for next year is... FOCUS.