Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello there, friend,

I've been thinking about this whole one little word thing. At the beginning of the year, we both chose a word -- me, fearless; you, connection. I grabbed my word and wrung it out during the first half of the year. It gave me what I needed to embrace new opportunities, restore relationships, and accept that the town where we found our house wasn't my ideal. There was barely a situation to which fearless didn't apply. But all that fearlessness exhausted me and I have sort of let the word drift away from me.

But I see you embracing the idea of connection in everything you do. I wonder if that's easy or hard for you. Do you feel tired from all the connection, like I feel tired of always being fearless? Do you have to remind yourself to connect, or does it happen naturally?

I am unconvinced that I need a word for 2016. If I chose something now, it would be focused on pulling back, letting go, and saying no. This past year was a year of more, a year of yes, a year of jumping in with both feet. But next year? With or without a word, it's going to be about maintaining, adjusting, and focusing. I doubt I need a word to guide me into that.