Thursday, December 17, 2015

hello there, friend,

you reminded me of a morning some years ago, when my kids were in elementary school. it was a morning with a late start, not enough time, and where a battle of wills ensued over something or another...  i no longer recall what, but i remember deciding at some point, that i would be late for work and this child in particular would be late for school. i was so grateful that my part-time work was flexible, that instead of choosing to have a tantrum myself, i could allow this child grace.

i pulled up to our neighborhood school and met another parent dropping off their child. i remember our eyes meeting, with the knowledge we had both chosen to be late for the sake of our child and our relationship with them. there was no rushing or scolding on either of our parts, our children were both calm and collected, ready to take on the day. making relationship and connection with our children a priority is always the right thing to do.