Friday, December 4, 2015

Hello there, friend,

You said that reading has been keeping you afloat. For me, that is usually the case, though I realized last week that I hadn't picked up a book in over a week. So I headed to the library the day after Thanksgiving, picked up a novel, and dug in.

The reason I hadn't been reading is that every moment has felt so full -- full of work, full of little voices calling my name, full of to-do lists, full of emotion, full of stress. Instead of reading feeling being something I wanted to do, it felt like just one more thing. Which of course it's not. But my plate has gone from almost full to overflowing in this delicate balance that seems easy to topple over. And I am walking that fine line of too much to do and not enough sleep.

So today, after carving out a little time to get coffee with a friend, I came home to an empty house and grabbed my book. I could feel my body relax, even though I only had fifteen minutes to myself. I was so grateful for that little slice of time, for a moment to pause before jumping back in.