Wednesday, January 6, 2016

hello there, friend,

i'm so glad to hear you say you are giving yourself grace and permission to relax and let go, for trusting that it must be what you need in this season of your life. your lackluster feeling toward challenges and goals are the indication you need to step back and allow for what is more important.

in some ways, for me, the past year was one where i don't think i challenged myself enough. as i was describing to a friend some of my broader goals for the year, related to the word focus, she responded by telling me to 'shed' what i can and right away i knew the word 'shed' would help give me the focus i want to have throughout the year.

in some ways, the direction we are each taking for this new year is similar. so, here's to shedding what no longer serves us... old ways of thinking and behaving, mental and physical clutter, to-do lists and busy calendars... shedding what is extra to focus on what is essential.