Monday, January 4, 2016

hello there, friend,

i walked to the mailbox this afternoon and found the most beautiful reminder of connection and the power and magic of life's ordinary and beautiful moments in the form of a calendar from a dear friend. i'm so grateful.

a new year, a new start... i love the concept of starting over and yet, i'm still trying to sort it all out in my mind. not having had time to write or reflect for the last few weeks, i feel a bit lost, unsure what direction to go, still prioritizing and sorting ideas in my mind, but needing the discipline and practice of writing down my thoughts in order to solidify them.

with the bustle of the last days and weeks and the loss of routine, i'm eager to have some time to myself. the rhythm of our school days provides both the structure and the flexibility i need for some reflection and goal setting. i don't want to overthink it, nor do i want to rush into the new year without thoughtfully setting intentions.