Wednesday, January 20, 2016

hello there, friend,

this afternoon after work, i brewed a cup of tea and walked around the house, listening to the sounds of kids doing various things, the wind blowing on one side of the house, the heater kicking on... i could smell the sweet potatoes in the oven. i made my way back to the kitchen to start making the rest of dinner and realized i wasn't dreading it.

that realization threw me a bit. i'm often telling people i don't like to cook all that much, i would rather be doing something else. already i think focusing on one thing at a time and shedding what no longer serves me (mindlessly sitting down in front of the computer) are having an effect. i wasn't in a rush. i had planned out meals for the week in advance and had what i needed. i knew one of my kids wouldn't want to eat it, but i had already accepted that fact in my mind and had made plans for an alternative.

my mind was calm as i cooked, i wasn't rushing the process or wishing i was elsewhere. i felt satisfied with where i was in that moment, thinking about the ways in which i nurture and tend to my family, and how they nurture and tend to me.