Friday, January 8, 2016

hello there, friend,

this week, i made a list of things i could start to shed right away. i started with my inbox, unsubscribing to newsletters and advertising i no longer wanted to read or see, i went to my blog reader and instagram and did the same. such a small and relatively easy thing to do... but it feels big, like the beginning of a larger shift.

as you say, there is something about setting an intention and whispering it like a mantra throughout the day. i have found myself doing this for the last few days and i can feel my mindset changing already. each day i write the word 'shed' at the top of my journal where i can see it, and somehow that reminder, along with my to-do list and my gratitude list, helps it to remain the focus.

i'm grateful for the help of friends along the way, for a place to explore and process how i move along in this world and i'm eager to see where each of us go...!