Thursday, January 28, 2016

hello there, friend,

upon the recommendation of more than one friend and family member, i made an appointment at my doctor's office yesterday to see about the cough i've had since early december and the rib pain i've had since sunday. the doctor's office is not unlike the DMV for seeing all walks of life and i was reminded that i have much to be grateful for. my health, for starters.

i walked away a few hours later with several prescriptions in hand, able to pay my bill, grateful for medical care and insurance. i got in my car and felt grateful for that, too, for life in a small town, for a husband and daughter who i knew were at home starting dinner... i felt grateful in so many ways for the many things i know i often take for granted. writing just now i was reminded of the line, 'with great abundance comes great responsibility'... not something to take lightly.