Tuesday, January 26, 2016

hello there, friend,

we have spent the last five days as a kind of sabbath. the kids haven't had school since wednesday and each day is the kind of day that stretches out long in front, where nothing is really on the agenda. there are no appointments, practices, or reasons to leave the house. we sleep late, piddle around, watch youtube, play games and read. i continue to make food and do dishes, while gazing out the kitchen window at the icicles that formed along the gutter. today, they are dripping, dripping, dripping and the world outside is thawing.

there is something about the cycling between the normal busy of life's day-to-day and the times when the busy falls away, where we have time to pay attention, or to let our thoughts wonder, where we have time to wake up slowly, or sip tea during rounds of qwirkle. i keep coming back to the idea that we can't know one without the other, can't appreciate quiet and solitude if we haven't experienced it's opposite. slowing down feels so good, because we don't always do it and furthermore, we can't. there is such richness to be found in these slower days... and certainly lessons we can carry over into the more busy ones.