Friday, January 22, 2016

hello there, friend,

you are so right... we have a choice and it's a matter of deciding moment by moment what's important, which demands mindfulness... our full presence and awareness. i think that's the key. i almost feel like i'm more awake than i have been in the past months. which, i guess makes sense.

right now the snow is falling like rain, swirling around the house, being blown by the wind. everything is shut down, while we wait out this storm. i woke late and then walked from window to window with coffee in hand, marveling at the wonder that is snow. it's magical to me every time.

our plans for today involve coffee and hot chocolate, soup and pizza, game playing and reading, with bursts of sledding and walks around town. i'm so grateful for days like these, for the way days like this demand our attention, for they way it feels to be together - the five of us, and for the simplicity and magic of a legitimate snow day.