Thursday, February 11, 2016

hello there, friend,

although i didn't grow up understanding or participating in any significant way in the season of lent, i was aware of it's significance within the church calendar. in recent years, i've tried to figure out ways of incorporating some of the liturgical year into our family space and more importantly, into my own.

whether or not lent is something those around me practice, i've come to appreciate the time for shedding what might be taking me away from any kind of spiritual discipline. i think no matter your religion or belief system, there's something beneficial about denying ourselves immediate gratification for a period of time. there's something about the intentionality of holding space for one's own inner work.

in previous years, i've given up social media, alcohol, or blog reading. this has lead to interesting conversations as a family about these ideas and some years my children have found ways to participate as well. but this year, like you, i'm not sure what direction to go in. here's hoping that a few days with fewer distractions will bring a direction to light.