Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hello there, friend,

At book club on Saturday night, I said something that surprised even me: I am not responsible for my children's happiness; I am responsible to have a good relationship with them and to guide them the best I can. It was in response to whether or not any of us would choose to protect our kids from the consequences of illicit actions (based on our discussion of The Dinner by Herman Koch). But, I thought, how can we know what our children will choose? How can we control what they do? How do we respond?

These are frightening thoughts.

When my husband came home yesterday morning and told me about the tragedy in your town, I was deeply affected. Every moment is a gift. Life can change so quickly, and how fortunate we have been. I drove to yoga with tears in my eyes. Only what matters, I thought. I wanted to scoop my children up, smell their heads, tickle them. Instead, I whispered a tear-soaked prayer for the parents who lost their little girl and another of gratitude. How precious this life is.