Tuesday, February 9, 2016

hello there, friend,

oftentimes for me, after a weekend where i consciously try to let go of lists and shoulds, where i make an effort to do things that i know will fill me up, where i try to connect in deeper conversation with my loved ones, monday is a day to reset, to write out a long list of to-dos, to check the calendar, and prepare mentally and otherwise for the week ahead. i often make lists on mondays that take most of the week (or more) to accomplish, but at least it's all written down. yesterday was no exception.

shortly before dinner, wet fat snowflakes began to fall... i was surprised to find the road covered rather quickly and even more surprised later on to read a text message saying that school would be cancelled. while the rest of the family gathered in the living room for some 'reruns', i grabbed my book and a cup of tea and read, feet propped up on the radiator, huddled under a quilt... at 12:30 i made myself go to bed. i woke up thinking about the characters in my book, and as soon as i had coffee poured i was back under a quilt, deeply engrossed, so grateful for the gift that a truly talented writer has to tell a story.