Friday, February 19, 2016

hello there, friend,

similar to you, i remember spending a lot of time in my room, reading, doodling on every available surface, listening to music and writing down lyrics... feeling so deeply the emotions that rippled across the surface of daily life as a teenager. i remember, too, spending a lot of time talking in the car. we lived almost an hour from the school we attended daily, which adds up to a lot of time in the car and a lot of time for conversation, sometimes whether we wanted it or not.

mercifully, we are much closer to school, the grocery store, etc. than in my childhood. still, there are times when we all pile in the car with a list of errands and a reward or two sprinkled in along the way. here, i have their undivided attention. here, we retell stories from their younger years, i share stories from mine, we laugh and joke.

yesterday was one of these days... we found a junk yard of sorts for some photo fun, hit up our local taco truck for the first time, and found time to linger in the book store. i find i feel more connected to each of them when we have this time, and i think they feel more connected to each other... i find myself grateful that even in the midst of the sometimes bickering and drama... there is still love and connection.