Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello there, friend,

The snow is falling here, relentlessly and all morning. I remember as a child waking to lots of snow, the colorful landscape of the night before now covered in smooth, shiny white. It was magic -- the peeking out the window, the excitement of knowing the day would be spent building forts and digging tunnels. It was nothing short of delightful.

I stood in the driveway this morning, slowly working through the layers of snow with my shovel, and marveled. Fat, fluffy snowflakes fell so quickly I could barely see the pavement I'd just uncovered, but I didn't feel frustrated. I felt honored to bear witness to this magic, to listen to the quiet, to take it all in. Now I sit here, warm coffee in hand and muscles as sore as ever from hours of shoveling, and I'm still taking it all in, one fat flake at a time.