Friday, March 25, 2016

hello there, friend,

i love the story you described yesterday because it reminds me that we all have moments of sheer frustration, anxiety, fear, as well as delight and joy and it is so easy to think that when we see someone who looks full of life and laughter that they don't experience the opposite. it's so easy for us to think they have it all and we don't. it is fascinating to me how our thoughts take this turn.

i remember complaining once to someone once in college the frustration of something not working out the way i wanted it to and was gently reminded that we don't always notice when things do work out. we recognize our pain and frustration easily and name it, but we don't always name or notice the opposite. the way the coffee cup didn't fall off the counter, for instance.

when i wrote about being surprised i meant that we wouldn't want to know the future... life's surprises can be both joy-filled and sorrowful. the word 'brutiful' comes to mind over and over again. it's such a perfect description of life.


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