Wednesday, March 23, 2016

hello there, friend,

i love what you say about a continuum... how that idea can allow us to connect with each other no matter where along that continuum we fall.

mothering teenagers is a bit surreal, i think because of my conscious memory of it. i don't feel like it was that long ago and yet i am so far removed from this stage in so many ways. i see my children working out how and when to fit in and how and when to break from the crowd and do their own thing, say what they believe to be true. i see them working life out.

and yet, aren't we all still working to figure life out? is't that what life's journey is about? we continually grow and reorient ourselves to new thoughts and ideas, working life out day by day. thank goodness we don't have all the answers. there wouldn't be any surprises... and how boring that would be.