Monday, March 21, 2016

hello there, friend,

i woke up this morning a little excited and a little nostalgic... my babies are 13 years old!! there is something about turning 13... i realize that from this age on, i have many clear memories of how it felt to be their age. i think about the importance of friendships, the worries and fears i had, the way confidence built over the years, and the way i came into my own as i made my way through high school.

i drove them to school this morning after their desired breakfast (bacon and eggs/bacon and lucky charms!!) and as we turned into the driveway the sun rose behind the trees, fiery and huge and for a few moments all the clouds in the sky turned a bit pink. i marveled at how much there is to be noticed in life, natural and otherwise.

i've been looking back through images taken in past years. it's hard to believe how they have changed... i find myself wondering if i paid enough attention along the way... was i fully present for their giggles, their questions, their wonder? i hope so. with each birthday, i find myself resolving to notice even more.