Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello there, friend,

It's hard for me to imagine what it will be like when my kids are sixteen and thirteen. Right now, they are six and three. They are still so little and yet I can barely remember what it was like three years ago when they were three and newborn. I know I've told myself time and again to hold onto this, whatever it is -- a moment, a phrase, a feeling. I'll remember this one, I think, but so much of it is gone.

Hearing you in your journey of motherhood, nearly ten years ahead of me, it's hard to comprehend it all. In some ways, when you talk about your (now) teenagers, I think of myself as a teenager and not at all what it would be like to mother a teenager. What will that be like? What will I remember about them? What will I want to forget?

It's like our lives are on a continuum. We are all at once a young child, a teenager, a young adult, an older adult -- no matter where we are in our lives, all of those things exist. And maybe that's how we can stay connected in this human experience, because we've been there or are there or will be there. Maybe if we can hold on to that thought, maybe if we can really see each other, that's all we need.