Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello there, friend,

It's just the luck of the draw when my husband has to work on a holiday, and yesterday was one of those days. He missed Easter and going to church in the brand new building. He missed brunch and the egg hunt. He missed sitting on the patio while the kids rolled around in the grass. But he had helped dye eggs and put together Easter baskets, so he didn't miss it all. Thankfully.

This has been our way of life since he became an emergency responder nine years ago. His schedule is always intense, always changing. When he works, he's gone for twenty-four hours or more. We're used to it, more or less. Holidays apart are hard and sometimes I get tired of being alone so much (in general).

But yesterday was good. The weather was sunny and warm. I had good company. I ate and drank and played and laughed. At the end of the evening, my husband called to say goodnight and I told him about the day. It felt good to hear his voice after a day of so many other voices. It felt good to know he'd be home by breakfast this morning and that we would spend the day together, even if we missed Easter.