Thursday, March 31, 2016

hello there, friend,

it's the last day of march... which i know means busy busy for you. around here, it means the redbud trees are budding and will soon be growing their dark purple leaves... forsythia and pear trees are just starting to turn green and blossoms are falling to the ground. warmer days and certainly longer ones are here and it seems with each season (literally) there are new adjustments.

yesterday morning i grabbed my phone to check how much time i'd been spending online. we've started keeping track of our online time to better monitor our kids. i was horrified by the number of hours listed for this past month (and i hadn't even been keeping track all month), most of them on instagram. i'm often lamenting at the end of the day that i had 'no time' for this or that, that i didn't get as many things done as i wish i had.

clearly i have the time... it's a matter of how i spend it. much of my online life can be disguised as learning something new... i love reading articles about motherhood, faith, minimalism and creativity, but i have started to think much of that is really about escapism. it's the same reason i pick up a book or put food in my mouth... it's all about ignoring the hard things i don't really want to deal with or do. picking up the phone or heading to the desktop are things i do without even thinking. they've become a reflex.

today i've been reflecting on why and how all this has come to be and what it means moving forward... i'm thinking some kind of detox might be in order.