Thursday, March 10, 2016

hello there, friend,

like you, we are having above average temperatures with plenty of sunshine. it is heavenly. all the sudden i am noticing how close things are to blooming, how the trees have just barely started to grow leaves, how things are turning green... sometimes it seems like spring comes all at once and i haven't been paying proper attention. i turn over in my mind what blooms first - witch hazel and snow drops, hyacinth, crocus, forsythia and daffodil, later dogwood and lilac, and finally peonies.

this evening we went to the pond (about a 10 minute drive) just as the sun went behind the ridge to the west. we had enough time to walk once around the pond before it would be dark enough to head home. as we started walking, we noticed bats darting over the pond - the first we'd seen this season. about half way around we heard a splash and realized an otter was swimming around in the middle of the water. luckily with binoculars we were able to watch it swim and investigate a small island in the middle of the pond. as i watched my daughter taking it all in, i could hear spring peepers calling behind me.

i'm certain i let out a long exhale. it felt so good to be outside connected in this way to each other and to the greater world outside.