Monday, March 14, 2016

hello there, friend,

saturday i went with my oldest to get her driver's permit. i remember so clearly being her age, learning how to drive, feeling free and alive, knowing the phrase 'the world is your oyster' was absolutely true. after passing her test, we went to an empty parking lot so that she could drive for the first time. i had to remember to tell her that you use the right foot for both the gas and the brake. then, i had to tell her which was which!! it was hilarious and wonderful. she had a great time and so did i. i kept reflecting on how much there is to learn and how so quickly with practice it becomes second nature.

there have been days lately where i feel like i'm unsure of my role as mother. my littles turn into teens next week. i understand the need for space, but i long for connection and find it difficult to figure out how much space to give. i guess what i have to remember is the idea of seasons... how each one has it's joys and struggles. i have to remind myself to give grace to them and to me.