Friday, March 18, 2016

Hello there, friend,

So many days, I reach the end of it and think, Did I do anything today? Did I focus on the right things? It's too easy to get off track, too easy to get complacent or wrapped up in things that really don't matter. But with my kids, I want to stay the course even though I often am not even sure where the path is.

I listened to a podcast interview this week with Glennon Doyle Melton where she talked about the difference between chronos time and kairos time as a parent. You see, she felt overwhelmed by the idea that every moment of motherhood should be enjoyed -- every. single. one. -- but that too often life is exhausting and messy and just plain hard, especially with small kiddos. When it feels that way, we are in chronos time, our regular, ordinary life passing minute by minute.

But then there are moments of kairos time, God's time, which exists outside of our human constructs. In them, we get glimpses of joy -- we want to explode with love for our kids, everything feels full. It's those moments that give us strength to go on. They fill us up and make this whole crazy thing worthwhile.

So, did I do anything today? Did I focus on the right things? Well, I don't know. But did I stop to notice how good it felt to scoop up my three year-old and snuggle him into my lap? Yes. Did I take a moment to marvel over my daughter's ever-increasing freckles? Yes, I did. And maybe for one day, that's enough. At least, I hope so.