Thursday, March 17, 2016

hello there, friend,

today although the sun shone this afternoon and the forsythia are blooming, i'm finding myself ungrateful instead of grateful. i'm almost wishing the weather matched my mood. i can't pin it down... the unsettled feeling i have sometimes.

you wrote about the challenges of being an adult and maybe that's part of what i'm feeling. some days the weight of responsibility for myself and the other four i live with feel like too much. some days i want to give up and quit for a day or two.

i grumble while vacuuming, wishing i wasn't doing it and wondering why no one else is. dishes are piled high (the dishwasher is broken) and socks seem to multiply as they lie scattered on the hardwood floors.

i know this feeling will pass, that mothering and adulting are both challenging and joy-filled. so, for now i head to bed early with a book, because if i can't really quit for a day or two, at least i can escape.