Wednesday, March 2, 2016

hello there, friend,

yesterday was another sunny day with warm temperatures. days like these are rare in february, but come with more frequency in march. i generally drop whatever plans or to-dos i might have had for time outside. my kids found our water balloons and helped themselves to them squealing as they got sprayed with water... my son saying "i'd rather make memories than do homework!". in that moment i knew they understood the importance in taking advantage of the moment.

this morning, i got a surprise call this morning at work from the middle school, telling me my daughter was sick. i could tell yesterday and even this morning she wasn't feeling her best... i'm so grateful for part-time work that allows for me to pick her up, make sure she has what she needs, and then return to work. it was spitting snow as i drove back, making me all the more grateful for the sunshine these last few days and that we enjoyed every bit of it!


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