Wednesday, April 6, 2016

hello there, friend,

for so long my husband and i resisted cell phones. our parents had them long before we did. they actually bought us a track phone to use for travel, because they couldn't imagine not having one "in case of emergencies". when we finally got smartphones we had very limited data. i was so excited to be able to text my sister, but i didn't expect to use it much more than that.

soon after my sister showed me how to use instagram and i was blown away!! how fun to be able to use the camera and all these filters... to connect to people from so many different places around the country and the globe. i spent time on instagram, sure, but i probably followed 40 people or so for a long long time. it was easy to scroll through and put the phone down. years later it's quite a different story.

anyone who knows me knows i LOVE connecting. for me, instagram is about connection. i love being encouraged in my daily life and i love to encourage others. i love having a place to share gratitude and again, i love connecting. and so, i often feel a desire to check in. but i know i can't do that at the expense of connecting to those around me and having time to do things that fill me up and make my heart sing. and so your words about finding balance (over and over again) come at just the right time.